Make up to $35/hr
and meet new people!

InstaRyde currently takes a fee of 12.5% for Ryde/RydeXL, and 17.5% for Platinum/PlatinumXL and Black/BlackXL off the total amount earned per trip plus a service fee of $1 charged to the passenger. We have a tipping option and 100% of the tips goes to the drivers!

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InstaRyde "Official Driver" Requirements:

If you have any questions please contact us at

Sign Up As A Driver

Step 1


You can download our mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.
Next, register to create an account.

Step 2

Click Be A Driver

Press the top left corner to reveal the side menu.
There you will find the tab "Be a Driver".

Step 3

Tell Us About You

After pressing "Be a Driver" you will be taken to this screen. Fill out the
fields about yourself and press "Next" in the top right.

Step 4

About Your Vehicle

Fill out the fields to tell us about your vehicle and then
press "Done" in the top right.

Not sure what "Vehicle Type" to choose?

Have a look at the categories outlined below:

Step 5

Vehicle is Pending

Congrats, your vehicle is pending approval! Check your email inbox for
the steps to begin your InstaRyde Driver Application. Follow the
instructions in the email and we'll have you on the road in no time!

Need some help? Click here for support

Documents Required

To begin your InstaRyde Driver Application

we need some information to verify who you are and your eligibility as a driver.
Please read our official InstaRyde driver requirements here.

Here are the 5 documents we need:

Driver's License

Must be G Licensed

Proof of Work

Passport, SIN Card,
PR Card, Citizenship,
Birth Certificate


Expiry date is the sticker
on the back


Must show your name

Void Cheque


Direct Deposit Form

InstaRyde - Steering Wheel

Become a driver

Meet new people and make up to $35/hour! As an InstaRyde driver, you'll have the opportunity to meet pleasant people moving around in your area.

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